Abandoned Disney Castle Village

there are a few architectural anomalies in this world that leave you scratching your head wondering what the hell were they thinking after visiting the world islands in dubai i wondered if there’s any other large-scale projects around the world who like the world islands completely abandoned construction prior to completion and that’s when i discovered borge al babas a 200 million dollar abandoned village of castles in a remote area of northern turkey that through their design ended up looking oddly similar to disney castles beginning construction in 2014 the developers planned for these castle villas to be luxury vacation homes for wealthy tourists and in fact 350 of them were originally sold however like many unfortunate stories of abandoned places construction was put on hold when the company went bankrupt in 2018 leaving the hundreds of half-finished castles behind as i’m still struggling with getting back to the us with visa problems i decided to go to turkey with my fellow cinematographer friend corey martin to help me capture this experience since we haven’t gotten to do much with subscribers in a long time i decided that this adventure in turkey could be the perfect opportunity to bring two of you along with us so i put out a message on instagram to see who the area would be interested in joining and many of you responded eventually even though it was basically impossible to choose i found two perfect subscribers who also happen to be long-time friends i’m a huge fan of you guys and i can’t even express how excited i am that you’re here the idea of seeking discomfort and loving each other is just incredible to me thank god you came to istanbul finally i was wondering why you haven’t yet i would love to go on adventure with you and you know i explore istanbul with someone who hasn’t seen it that’s cool right yeah that sounds cool she sounds so excited too so we reached out to them to make sure they had recently tested negative for covet and met up with them a few days later to go on this adventure [Laughter] we also brought some gifts i we also brought some gifts

1, Where is Abandoned Disney

okay i only have a couple of these and i wanted okay you guys thank you so much this is the biggest club in turkey and we have some treats we have baklava oh my god thank you road trip honestly guys okay i’m not even gonna lie to you i had the probably one of the worst five-day stretches i’ve had recently i had like a mental breakdown last night and i was like not even sure if i was going to make it but i i spoke to said uh she just made me remember the time that i introduced her to you guys and like how you had an impact on me and stuff and i was just like you know what this is maybe just a once in a lifetime chance of me meeting you and then going on an adventure i just love everything that you do and like the idea of it not just the adventures not just like doing some crazy stuff but like connecting with people and act like across the world showing everyone that our differences actually don’t really matter and that that’s what’s important to me so i’m really grateful that you guys came and chose us it’s it’s probably one of the best days of my life man i’m not even kidding i’m so happy i was just another shock i went to my parents i was like i’m going to maduna on monday they were like why yesterday my dad was looking at me and like start to laugh because i can’t believe you’re doing so right now we’re on the bridge crossing over from the european side of istanbul into asia wow it’s beautiful [Music] dude like do you have like a plan for actually like sneaking in you know that’s a good question uh i don’t currently have a plan we discussed it thoroughly last night [Music] what am i dragging you guys into right now i trust him right yeah i’m trustworthy okay so this will be the decisive moment with the snow wow there’s like immediately more snow how do you feel driving right now i feel good i just a little bit more stressed i mean there are locals there do you think i should ask do we need a push this is not like a little bit of snow this is an enormous amount of snow there’s three options one we figure out a way to get there today two weeks which right now because i’m overhearing is unlikely but again really we’ll see is that what they’re saying okay so tomorrow the roads will be like open or we’ll be you know better better we can stay the night and then see tomorrow if it’s better every other car gets stuck just trying to get up this hill that’s like okay i guess we’re staying the night whoa there’s a naked woman on tv look film they’re there [Music] thank you see you soon this is so funny i thought literally we would just road trip uh to the castles back in the day the universe was like after deciding we would spend the night we eventually made it through the snow-covered roads to a small lodge nearby hoping that it would be safe to continue the nice day okay how does the snow look how we doing out there i think we’re doing good now we’re gonna give this a shot let’s see how this goes wow it is really freaking cold out here so this is uh it’s it’s way more isolated than i realized and uh being here it’s making the whole thing even stranger to understand how someone who had 200 million dollars to spend made this decision all right hopefully we get our first glimpse of this place very soon oh wow what we just got over a hill and they’re just all right here [Music] this is even crazier seeing this in person the images look surreal but now that it’s in front of us it’s even harder to comprehend that this place exists all right let’s hit this guys we are officially inside the 200 million dollar settlement of disney castles in the middle of the countryside of turkey [Music]

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2, Feeling

this is crazy it looks like i’m in a different country man should we go inside one of them yeah i think that one’s pretty solid hello [Music] let’s go up the door is just open someone’s already been here recently there’s other footsteps [Music] the basement supposed to be a pool wow okay so the basement apparently in these castles was meant for the pool indoor pool which is um not a bad idea actually if you rent this with some friends for like a weekend if there’s actually a pool and there’s a bunch of other houses it can be kind of ridiculous to live in a castle for a day [Music] [Music] we are arriving at the giant unfinished abandoned mall this is massive [Music] what do you think i mean just the amount of them is sort of ridiculous like we thought that we were going to be able to explore this within a certain amount of time and i feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface like what’s here a lot of these unfinished abandoned projects it always looks like you’re left halfway through a work day like you still see some boots on the ground and gloves and like construction equipment it’s like they left and then we’re like we’re probably gonna come back tomorrow and then they got a phone call and then they were told hey the whole thing is being put on pause and then they were just never brought back there’s still raw materials here that are valuable and that’s always the strangest part about going to have finished construction abandoned places it’s just like thinking about what it must have been like to be a construction worker here when they were doing this and then just being told stop what you’re doing and then you just never really found out what happened to it let’s see if i can get to the top of this one wow there’s so many of these copy-paste castles to see it’s just the same over and over and over so i was just looking and checking out the 10 million dollar bucket list after like i made listening to our podcast well it says go to la and do everything you can to work for yes theory but i guess this one can count as working with you so hell yeah you can i love that man so you did it you took something off proud of my friend we’re gonna start making our way back towards the car definitely been a worthwhile journey did you know that 50 of the people that watch our videos are not subscribed really so what should people do when they watch this video subscribe it’s not that hard to button it’s a bun exactly it’ll help us fulfill our goal and actually haven’t told even you guys this but our goal for this year is to try to hit 10 million subscribers it’s not insane you’ll get so i know that’s that’s the goal thanks for sending me a message on instagram thanks for answering it’s insane like i’ve lived here we did it right we both lived here for 19 years we did it man in turkey i’ve never you know came here yeah and i really don’t know if you know if you ever work together you know we would find the confidence in and encouraged to do this this has been really fun it’s insane i’m so happy if any one of you is watching this don’t give up on your dreams keep on believing okay yeah that’s great in a strange way as bizarre as the castles were i’d hope that something comes out of this place one day to have gotten this far and then left them 80 finished feels like a waste but you never know with places like this especially years after they’ve been left behind so whether this turns into homes or into the world’s most epic paintball arena either way i’m just curious to see what its future holds having been able to go on this little adventure with seda and atta filled a gap in our desire to spend more time with our community and we’re excited to continue finding more ways to bring you guys along once in a while on a final note we are going to be giving away a hundred dollar gift card for seek discomfort to someone who likes leaves a comment on this video and subscribes to our channel

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we’ll be selecting someone from the comments so make sure to engage below and we’ll contact you directly through youtube hello there thank you for watching this video i just want to say that actually on this trip i finished listening to a book called extreme ownership by jaco willink and leif babin on audible who actually happens to be our sponsor for today’s video as i’ve been struggling with sorting out my visa problems this book actually helped me to figure out how to let go of things i can’t control and really owning the ones that i can so if you want to check it out go to audible.com yes theory or text yes theory in one word to 500 500 to get one free audiobook and a 30-day free trial plus if you sign up now members will have access to the all-new plus catalog that has thousands of select audio books podcasts audible originals meditation programs guided fitness sleep tracks for better rest and more all included with membership audible members will also get one credit every month good for any title in the premium selection of bestsellers and new releases to keep forever so go to audible.com yes theory or text yes theory in one word to 500 500 to get one free audiobook right now and a 30-day free trial we’ll see you next week and yes i’ve cut my hair and i’m in a kind of a secret location at the moment um more on that soon there are rooms that are with like two separate beds or with one bed yeah two suburbs wait what you know two separate beds corey you wanted to share a bed it’s cold i don’t want your massages

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