Surviving the Hottest Place in the World



this experience was carried out with

careful monitoring for health

and our location at all times please do


try this

there’s a handful of places that claim

to have the hottest recorded temperature

in the world the lut desert in iran the

turpin depression

of china or elazizia in libya and then

there’s a place only four hours away

from where we live

that this week claims to have reached

what could be the highest temperature

ever recorded

on earth 137 degrees fahrenheit or 58

degrees celsius

and the place is appropriately called

death valley

death valley’s burners creek hit 130

degrees 130 degrees

130 degrees could be one of the hottest


ever recorded on earth located in the

northern mojave desert the valley

received its english name in 1849 after

13 pioneers from the gold rush era

all perished in an early expedition so

why would we possibly

want to go there well to be honest

that’s a great question

i think there’s just some places or

moments in history that you hear about


simply can’t ignore exposing ourselves

to the hottest climate on the planet

seemed like an almost otherworldly and

once in a lifetime experience and one

that would completely contrast with our

trip on the other end of the spectrum

with wim hof we have decided to drive

out to death valley with our adventurous

friend connor

and our rescue team and see how long we

can possibly last in the heat

and potentially even camp out at night

this is so [ __ ] much dude well i have

a whole i have the whole tent

uh the thing we’re sleeping in did

someone say adventure

hell yeah everyone burst out laughing in

my face when i told her going to death


he was like genuinely on town you do not

go did you say the hottest place on the


i fan you guys ready or what


have you looked at the hourly

temperature at 2 a.m is when it drops

under 100

from like 2 a.m to 6 a.m it’ll be what

it’ll be 90 degrees

are you just finding out well i didn’t

look much into it

maybe that’s why he’s been so confident

all right it’s already 111 degrees

outside and

we are rethinking this whole thing okay

so here is our actual

challenge we’re going to the lowest part

in all of north america and the hottest

part of death valley

bad water basin ammar alone as team

egypt then connor and i together as

team pale boys

will be dropped off miles away from each

other our goal

will be to try to find each other to

test whether our directional skills and

brain functions will

work under these extreme conditions

holy oh my god if you’ve ever been to

asana that feeling that you get when you

walk in that’s what it feels like right



so you’re gonna go towards that mountain

we’re gonna drop them somewhere else in

this basin and you’re gonna have to find

them before nightfall

that’s yeah you go towards the mountain

and they’ll be somewhere else

this is my first time out wow this is

this is the hottest

i’ve ever experienced in my life growing

up seeing my dad go work in the desert

when he was fasting dreaming ramadan and

i always just wondered how he does it

i hope this experience just helps me

connect with that and

connect with him this is scary but i

feel good about it all jokes aside

i love you i love you baby bye

see you guys

good so we voluntarily blindfolded

ourselves so we can uh

make this an adventure because otherwise

it might be too easy what’s the


oh [ __ ] you think i’m in a bit of

  Traveling to the Least Visited Country in the World

trouble because the radios are not

working as well as we

hopefully what i think we lost range

yeah we got a loss right we might be the


we lost range possibly so we won’t be

able to talk to him

that’s the only way we can we can find


how the [ __ ] am i gonna find thomas and


all right this is your spot

wow that all looks the same

i think this is about to be the most

difficult thing i’ve ever done look we

have to go out here and find

amar wow this is

really heavy the car just turned off did

the battery just run out

holy [ __ ] where’s the

oh [ __ ]

okay jesus christ time to walk out

i am in the middle of nowhere in death


wow this is absolutely the hardest i’ve

ever experienced now i’m from egypt

i know what hot is i’m definitely the

first out of my entire lineage to ever

experience heat like this

me too me too off-putting is how hot the

wind is like the wind actually makes

this worse like it doesn’t cool you it

makes you hotter

all right i’m about a half hour in

anything that is made out of metal on my

in my gear this part of the tripod

touching it is is

oh my god shade does not look like it’s

inside at all

everything i just soaked wet is entirely


also it’s like putting me on edge that

only like broken radio signals are

coming in like nothing that we can


they promised me it wouldn’t be rocky or

there would be no bushes for snakes or

scorpions look at this

all i see is rocks and bushes i don’t

think they knew what the terrain really


they’re meant to be the rescue team

they’re meant to have done research do

you have any shoes

go fish how are you doing are you


off dude we’re 30 minutes in and i feel

like i’m [ __ ] tripping

holy [ __ ] let’s find more as soon as


can anyone hear me can anyone hear me

hey mark can you hear us


it’s getting hotter isn’t it it is

getting hotter like by the minute i feel

like it’s going

all the equipment is overheating the

gopros are overheating the batteries

i don’t know if i’m going to be able to

do it

i just checked the thermometer the

thermometer maxes out at 125

fahrenheit and it’s and it’s already up

to the max so i assume it’s a little

more than that

and it’s not even the key yet

you’re looking red yeah i’m not feeling


just experiencing like tightness in my

chest that i haven’t really experienced


hey omar can you hear us we’re walking

north just making sure you’re walking



start walking south now what i was

headed towards the mountain

dude we were supposed to walk north and

south not towards the mountains

how close to the mountain are you are

over oh i have no gauge for how close

this is roger that we’re going to walk a

little bit more to the middle

we got this how are you feeling i saw a

rock here a second ago and then it just


what do you mean you saw a rocket it

disappeared like in my mind i thought

there was a rock with shade

and then i blinked and it was gone

he’s losing his mind


it’s currently 133 degrees outside

this could go badly you doing okay

i’m gonna take a break yeah dude

we got this

see anything i don’t everything looks


so goddamn hot out here

it’s been two and a half hours since we

started this is by far the toughest

thing i’ve ever had to do

  Abandoned Disney Castle Village

yesterday and it’s only been two and a

half hours bear in mind that we climbed

the frozen mountain with wim hof and

pull in the middle of winter

this is absolutely harder


wow whoa

oh you know what i just remember oh god

we do have shade


oh my god that feels so good

i was like getting close to needing to

like give up this shade just gave me

like another boost whip that thing out

oh are you crying right now

a little bit i’ve never liked an

umbrella so much yeah

it’s currently 3 p.m this should be the

peak temperature of the day

mark can you describe things you see

around you to see if we can try to spot

each other a little bit

i have no idea he sounds pretty he

sounds kind of nervous he sounds nervous


all right now i’m on a bit of an incline

down towards salt

so that like that sounds exactly like

everything we’ve seen so far the whole


yeah seriously need to [ __ ] find him

soon if we don’t find him soon it’s

gonna get more and more confusing to

figure out

when you look at it are you left or

right it’s on my left

it’s on our left it’s in our left too

it’s on our left too

he’s in the exact same position we’re in

okay i’ll make him

i’ll make it straight in that direction

sounds good we might have a lead he

finally sees the road i genuinely

thought we’d be able to see each other a

mile or two away

yeah but we might be closer than that

and we still can’t spot each other

oh [ __ ] oh thomas i see you i assume the

only two blue umbrellas

i’ve never been more excited to see hey

i see him for the first time he’s right



come on oh my god dude i’ll climb poland

any day

i’ll do the wim hof thing 10 times a day

this is just

it’s good to see you good to see you i

was worried oh my god

it’s a lot better together sucks yeah

all right dream team


this is the most okay thing i’ve ever


it’s the greatest feeling i’ve ever felt

with this ice water thank god for the


for the best rescue team on the planet

oh you’re goddamn right

yes sir

we just finished the first part of the

challenge we found each other in the

hottest place on earth and now we’re

switching scenery to go explore a

different part of death valley

also just as hot


here we go got a little more energy

backing us let’s make it till sunset

rescue team we love you

there’s so many ups and downs to get





if you ever get stuck in the blazing

heat of death valley

try and find the canyons don’t go to

that basin of death where we were


basically yeah it left up to its name

yeah i can see why it got called out



wow well

that hike and climb just made the entire

suffering up until this point worth it

i know that was i’m seriously one of the

best views i’ve ever had in nature and

now we just got to make it

through the night right the rescue team

came through

and we’re on to the third and final part

of today’s challenge

of surviving the hottest place on the

planet camping i’ve been nervous about

this bit all day

all the creepy crawlies come out at



it’s gonna be brutal it’s still like 118

degrees or something

we’re gonna go set up the tent somewhere

where we legally figured out that we’re

  World’s Most Extreme Skydive with Near Death Experience

allowed to

water’s farting dude we can’t do this in

the tent

that’s right get it get it all at it

right now bye guys

good luck


it’s about to be the sweatiest night of

sleep of our lives you know what i don’t

have because you

told me it’d be stupid to bring it is

the fan

you said i’m not going to carry a stupid

fan around my neck in the desert it

doesn’t really do much it just puts

hot air on my face it’s like it makes it


the tent is hottest i didn’t think this

is connor’s pillow it’s

two two apples rolled into a sweaty


what time is it do you know i don’t even

know what time is it probably like 11


dude it’s 9 30 9 30.

we’re gonna be here for so long

voted out of the tent all right we’ll

see you in the morning at 5am

where the rescue team is gonna do our

final pickup

how are you feeling ladies great i’m so

happy that we

we stuck through and we did it yeah it

feels good that looks

good the end of something hard like this


in an honestly surprising outcome we

endured one of the hottest days on the


we had initially given ourselves a 20

chance that the three of us would make

it through all three steps and there

were several moments where we all got

incredibly close to dropping out but

with careful monitoring of our health

our rescue team never too far away

and at this point a good amount of

experience pushing our bodies through

extreme conditions

we did it even though i initially

thought this was just going to be

some pointless experiment i genuinely

feel like i gained a newfound respect

for my mental

and physical capacity to push myself to

my limits and i think it’s safe to say

that we all felt

so grateful to have experienced such a

surprisingly beautiful part of the world

in such unique circumstances do not

try to replicate this on your own

however it truly is dangerous to go out

there in these temperatures and we

consulted with

several experts before setting out on

this mission

thank you for coming along on this

adventure and we’ll see you next week

i love that oh

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