World’s Most Extreme Skydive with Near Death Experience


has been a very long time coming

when i was set out to tell the story i

thought it was going to be about my love

for skydiving and how this wild dream

i’m about to share with you

originated this dream jump is arguably

one of the most extreme skydives that i

can think of

but one day i was hit with a big reality


am i just going through a car accident

are you a kmr you’re right

i’m all good i’m like the most scratched

but the car is i literally can’t leave


sorry just going into

nothing was the same after that

as a kid i was fascinated by the

experience of piercing through the skies

with one’s bare body

my earliest youtube searches were on

skydiving i would download and watch

these videos over and over and fantasize

about the sense of freedom that it must

feel like to actually fly

and one day that fantasy became a little

more real

mr noser my pe teacher when i was 11

years old

he used to skydive in the egyptian

military and i would ask him about it

all the time

and then one day he surprised me and he

brought his parachute to school and he

let me put it on and run with it

on the field against the wind i remember

in that moment

deciding that one day i want to go up as

high as i possibly can

and jump fast forward to 2015 my first

ever skydive

four months into building this youtube

channel we received a very exciting

invitation from two startup founders in

san francisco they had seen one of our

videos on reddit and they were fans of

seek discomfort as a way of living so

they flew us from canada to california

and took a skydiving and tuxedos

little did we know california would

become our home a year later to build

yes theory and seek discomfort

shortly after moving here i started

becoming obsessed with taking friends

and strangers skydiving for their first

time do you want to go skydiving do you

want to go skydiving do you want to go

skydiving yeah

let’s go okay sweet

but honestly i didn’t want to be

skydiving strapped to someone else

anymore it was time to actually fly

so in the spring of 2018 i decided to

commit and get licensed to solo

skydiving today is my first day at


school my friend zach put me in touch

with the best in the world to help make

this happen

the red bull air force

i got connected to sean mccormack to be

my coach

which after my first google search on

him i was floored by what i found

sean is one of the greatest athletes in

sky sports he’s done over

21 000 jumps that is more skydives than

days he’s been alive

it’s as if i decided to take a

basketball and found out that my coach

was michael jordan it turns out that

sean and his friends were literally the

guys that i used to watch on youtube

when i was a teenager

and now i get to be sean’s student 24

hours after meeting sean

i went for my first ever non-tandem


yeah buddy what’d you think of that

it’s like everything that i’ve ever

wanted to experience just

in two minutes get me back in the sky


for the following two years i continued

skydiving with the goal

to one day make my childhood vision

happen which now

i knew the tactical term for a halo jump

halo stands for high altitude low


these jumps are typically performed

above 20 000 feet by the military

to deliver people and equipment into

hard to reach corners of a combat zone

halo jumps are way less common for

civilians they use very specific

equipment and require special airspace


since it’s over double the height of a

regular skydive and when i told sean

about this vision

he couldn’t help but raise the stakes

he’s gonna basically make me into a

human missile

but at the end of august 2020 on my way

back home from skydiving

training and only three days away from

my set date to do my halo i got into a


car crash i was merging lanes and i

got hit from behind literally after


after calling off skydiving because it

was too dangerous

just completely rolled rolled off the

highway i literally can’t believe i’m


oh my god miraculously i survived the

accident physically

but psychologically i’d have a long way

to go

it has been five months since my

accident and today is the first day i go


i’m experiencing a very new feeling that

i’ve never had before going to skydive

which is

thinking about death and thinking about

what could happen and what could go


and probably the hardest adjustment i’ve

ever had to do in my life because

the psychological impacts of the

accident were beyond just my thoughts

and what i could control

it was actually my own nervous system’s

reaction towards the world and

certain fears that i started to develop

and it’s been it’s been a long time

coming and

i’m pretty determined to do the halo

  Traveling to the Least Visited Country in the World

jump and

and finish what i started and today is

the first day in the journey of doing


day one here we go

it was pretty unsettling being back on

the road that almost took my life a few

months earlier but despite my fears

i really felt like it was time to push



that’s probably the worst skydiving

mistake ever made

i don’t feel good i went skydiving every

day that week

to get my basics back down way better

landing than yesterday nice

at that point sean decided to reveal to

me his unconventional plan for our halo

jump basically how it’s gonna go is he’s

gonna use my body and turn into a human


so he’s gonna point me down hold on to

me and he’s gonna be steering will

basically reach a speed in the sky that

it will be the fastest i’ve ever

experienced in my life after running

through our exit routine on the ground

we took it to the sky

on these jumps i reached flying speeds

that i had never experienced before

and it made being stable extremely

challenging so we ran it again

and again

that speed though oh my god we did that

for half as long wow and

at about 80 of the speed that we are

going to be doing

this is the what third or fourth day in

a row today i’m joined by tommy

i’m gonna be seeing my o2 equipment for

the first time

and getting training on it which is very

exciting egyptian tom cruise

we watched mission impossible fall out

last night and uh

pretty crazy stuff three days out we

finally received the military gear that

would allow this jump to happen

since we were climbing to altitudes that

would expose us to hypoxia which is what

happens when the brain

doesn’t get enough oxygen it is so hard

to self-diagnose

hypoxic right like i’m frightened like

clueless you’ll see this fade where

you’ll see that focus go to like in

front of their face

right and it’s really subtle right but

like the lips the blue is a little

jitter color blindness that happens you


sense of colors different colors uh fade

sometimes uh red turns to gray

yeah what’s the worst thing that

happened fall out of the sky

let me give you a little rundown okay

yes okay

so this is

we’ve built this thing up so out of the


right pushing the tensile strength of

their aircraft

juggling planes that can actually fit

the profile

of what we’re wanting to do using


from everest to do something

that a lot of people never do there’s a

lot of people a thousand guys they’re


at many many things that have never had

this opportunity rom has never had this


it’s radical dude and it’s really really

really really fast

there’s a lot a lot a lot so i got

fitted for the new game i don’t know if

i’m going

screaming or going skydiving pretty


but it’s great this is mine oh boy oh

boy oh boy

and the next day after putting all the

pieces together we’re finally ready for

a test jump

from 13 000 feet

there you go you just dropped the whole

thing there’s a whole other israeli rush

with this stuff bro i can tell you’re

stressed out you didn’t even give me a

count you left the plane i’m like

i think that you are playing it cool as

hell i know there’s a lot

on right each of these little things

we are adding on not

replacing workspace or information

you can’t lose step one and two when

we’re adding step six okay i don’t feel

like you presented your hips at all

no right you’re presenting your side

hands out you’re looking at the ground

instead of

maybe looking at the bra sean could tell

that i was getting pretty overwhelmed

but per usual he came through with some

life-saving advice when we’re talking

about skydiving i think one of the

fascinating things right is that the

only thing that’s going to keep your

mind and your body playing together at

all is going to be your breath our minds

and our bodies

can either take the pace of the activity

right and there’s this whole thing and

this amping like total thing and

you can either take your breath and go

and start breathing at the pace of this

activity which is just gonna

choke you out right or this

and i can go

and i can make the pace of the activity

go to my breath and i want to be

leading this dance right right so we’re

just going to breathe go nice and slow

let’s go over to the mock-up

we’re going to walk through it real

quick together stay positive and ahead

of that


and for my final jump before my halo we

took it up to eighteen

thousand feet five thousand more than

i’d ever done but still

seven thousand feet less than my halo




and so the day before the jump we all

  Abandoned Disney Castle Village

met up at the s house to drive out to

the stunt location

where we’ll spend the night


oh we’re frolicking baby


we’ll go through like a little walk

around you’ll see the hanger and kind of

walk around the airport



once we’re like locked in and we’re like

okay it looks good then i’m just gonna

try and speed it up okay



before we continue i just want to let

you know that our moonshot collection is

out which is all about

chasing dreams and identifying what that

big dream is for you so

make sure you go to

and check it out after the video ends

you feeling dog this this is a such a

throwback to the jump

dude i know because it’s it was a

similar setting

this is for 10 year old me

i wish i could go back right now and be


look at this you did it you did it and i

get to do

the best in the world there’s like the

amount of magic

in this journey and in the serendipity

that brings

all these different characters to be a

part of it but yeah the biggest thing is

just that i

like i feel proud of myself

i don’t give that to myself enough to

just see the amount of work that got

that went into making this moment happen

a big part of that gratitude that i’m

feeling is also being grateful that i’m

alive to

to see this through and you know i

almost lost my life in the process of

making this happen that’s insane the

accident took me out for six months and

at some point i was questioning if the

accident was just like a sign for me to

maybe calm down or before i went back to


i was having a hard time leaving my

apartment i i was literally scared at

the outside

so now to be actually like doing what

i’ve set myself out to do

is pretty surreal this is the dream

love you too bud



today’s the day i feel ready i feel


time to take the dream up high

come on



look at that special overnight aerial



so i’m freaking proud of you dude i’m

here in spirit

yes i know i feel all the love


we’re going to what we have to do right

it was like they’re talking about like

18 000

feet maybe is a minimum like no if we

were going to go out of 18 000 feet we

would have gone out of the sky band

at elsinore but that’s what we would

have done right so like

that to me isn’t what the whole point is

a bit of complications with the faa

which gives us the clearance for the

airspace and given that we’re going up

way higher than usual for some reason

the guy this morning just stamped a


on the request to get up to the airspace

so we’re either gonna

hopefully succeed at that or file

for another report it’s never smooth

it’s just never smooth there’s a verse

from the quran that always is present in

my mind in

situations like this which is

which means be aware of not liking

something that happened to you because

it might be good for you

but your limited view of your life

doesn’t allow you to see that so i’m

just gonna

continue to believe in that

um so the faa

gentleman has told us that he might be


to vector us to 25 000 feet

to land at elsinore

that’s what i said people don’t

understand what the faa is and all that


the dmv of the sky and we are right now

having issues with them just like you

would when you go renew your license or

get anything done at dmv

you’re very close to the arrivals in the

burbank so you’re gonna have to park

porterville yes sir right so you need us

to fly over and then we’ll do our jump

there no problem

yeah you just we’ve got an airport we’ve

got an airport

we are going to depart here in

approximately 30 minutes

you got to get going now or you’re not

going to cheat

cool thank you let’s go it’s


it’s hitting me all over again it’s like

it’s coming up

you’re so set for this yes

um there’s nothing [ __ ] out there you

guys are you guys just going straight to

altitude from here and then jumping yes

no no we’re going to land reset and then

come on no no no taking off from here

and jumping into there

you’re not going to land real deal


just breathe this is where we’re going

okay okay it looks like

the most obvious airport anywhere right

okay though this is new information

i thought i was landing first i was like

unusually prepared

and then all of a sudden so there’s new


i will be jumping straight from the

plane which i don’t yeah

you yeah boy you’re gonna crush this

dude thank you guys

i’m so grateful to be joined by every

  Forgotten Space Colony

single one of you today here

all right boys we gotta roll here’s the

situation they’re leaving in half an

hour and they’re gonna fly there which

takes them half an hour so an hour he’s

gonna be jumping it takes us an hour and

20 minutes to get there

meaning we got cut 20 minutes off google

maps time we’re hauling ass can i get a


i said can i get a cheers

how is he gonna pick this out of the sky

now i’m no pilot or

aviator expert but i’d say this seems

like an unsafe place to land

i can’t really risk for a ma to be


there so this is a much more open area

here and he’s going to set up a windsock

so they know where they’re going he was

saying this wasn’t enough space

here there’s a live runway and there’s

lots of power lines

so it’s too risky really for ammar the

other guy is obviously a

red bull athlete i don’t feel good yeah

this dude is 25 000 feet in the air has

to land the place has never landed


you practice for this and then you

expect the day to go a very particular


and then the entire schedule gets pushed

back and then you have to rush

that like i don’t like that what do you

think is going through his head right


i just hope he knows what he’s doing how

fast is he going to fall

300 miles an hour what 300 miles an hour

this is literally the first time i’ve

heard that

number seriously that’s a frightening

speed to for a human to go at

he doesn’t just want to do a halo jump

he wants to do it at 300

an hour

well i guess we’ll see

super fast speed check

speed check good





uh la center 926 mic out for about

three minutes

caution all aircraft in the vicinity of

the fields gotta go commence in two








look you can see them









my god


how was it oh wow





there’s a [ __ ] fence right there dude






oh my god that was definitely faster

than i thought

were literally going you were flying you

were accelerating like so fast

i’ve never even seen a plane go down


let’s go

i couldn’t believe how long i was in the

air you guys that is crazy


it’s a childhood dream and to just be

getting to do it with literally the best

in the world and all friends

is is such an honor and and i i can’t

even begin to express how grateful i am

so it’s

about me this is like the middle of like

our project i’m just it’s always awesome

and so cool for us to get to

do any of it and you’re amazing and you

just crushed something that’s

incredible we’re like mocking through

space through like

a corridor of like passenger planes

five miles of altitude yeah pretty much

25 000 feet so we flew like

five miles in like a minute 30 or

whatever we’ll check it out

like the surreal moment like high

altitude and everything’s on yeah

it’s a different oh my gosh there’s a

certain silence that comes once once

we’re locked in and once things just


relaxing almost everything just quiets

down and then field of vision just

opens outer space yeah

let’s bring it in for all right level

for fear on three

one two three

i’ve been inspired my whole life by red

bull and the human feats they’ve

sponsored over the years

since we started seek discomfort three

years ago i’ve been striving to build a

brand that can soon enough compete with

rebel and empowering dreamers

it was a privilege and an honor taking

this vision one step closer to reality

i hope this got you asking yourself

what’s my dream

that i want to take to the highest of

heights well i’d really appreciate it if

you share your answers with us in the


and i’ll be picking three of you to get

a skydive finally i just want to say

that we’re eternally grateful to all of

you supporting our big vision

and being a part of this community and

buying from seek discomfort

it has truly enabled us with yes theory

and seek discomfort to take this dream

to the highest of heights

this is just the beginning and the best

is yet to come

if you’re not subscribed you know what

to do no after all that you’re just

gonna watch this and not subscribe so


subscribe go to

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