The Iceman of Antarctica

[Music] foresee discomforts Vegas ever drop we’re also giving away the best gift we’ve ever given you made these seek discomfort necklaces they’re one-of-a-kind and for orders over $35 you’ll get to have this for free this is our biggest drop ever there’s over a hundred styles so make sure you go to seek this comfort calm and check it out all right I gotta go because I gotta let this thing peace have you ever had a dream you were willing to risk everything for a dream so big that every person in your life tries to talk you out of it and without hesitation they call you crazy and tell you that it’s impossible a few months ago we came across someone with the dream of that caliber one day immediately and quite literally made us freeze upon the thought of all the discomfort that it’s going to take to make that dream happen and it all started when I got a message on Instagram a few months ago from a friend in Copenhagen telling me to check out the new younger and better-looking Iceman sorry wim after doing some research as to who this new Iceman is and what he’s up to we were blown away by what we found Anders Hoffman a 29 year old from Denmark who two years ago decided to drastically change his life quit his job as a management consultant and committed himself to one of the most audacious feats any human has ever attempted finishing an Ironman Triathlon on the only continent where no one has ever dared to try before Antarctica that’s a 3.8 kilometre swim 180 kilometer bike ride and a 42 kilometers all and sub-zero degree temperature and he calls it the Iceman and to just give you a little more context it took Matt eight months of intensive training to be able to finish the race in an optimal climate and this is what he looked like at the end of it and to give you an example of what prepping for an Iceman looks like over the past year and there’s friend the Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland finishing third and also completed a half Ice Man in Svalbard making it the most northern triathlon ever completed the more we looked into Anders his story and


his reasoning for why he’s putting himself through all this pain and risk the more we realize just how aligned his message and story is with what we live by seek discomfort and that’s when we realized that we had the perfect opportunity to sponsor our first seeker see our initial goal of the brand that we created on seek discomfort was to act as a daily reminder that life’s greatest experiences and deepest connections happen when you step outside of your comfort zone more importantly we wanted the clothing and jewelry to serve as a form of self-expression that connects you with other like-minded seekers around the world and in this new phase of the brand we are on a mission to empower the dreamers in our community the ones who are defying the odds the ones who are doing things people never thought was possible and since this is going to be our first ever sponsorship announcement we knew we had to make it special and surprise Anders in the most epic way possible here is how we made it happen we called him pretending to be on our way back to LA from Europe I just want to check to see how you’re doing how it’s training but little did he know you’re about to board a flight to Copenhagen in order to show up at his doorstep and since we didn’t know where that doorstep is we decide to show up at our friend yoga’s apartment and recruit him for the surprise operation and so after spending some quality time with the elder we were finally ready with the plan into action it is first morning in Copenhagen team let’s make a plan doors and doors my friend you’re gonna be watching this right now and you have no idea that we’re about to surprise you today so the idea is we show up to his apartment today we give him to see this comfort package and we’re knocking a thumb that we’re gonna give him money so this way you guys are gonna be in the know he’s getting money but he doesn’t why is this is a great question since you’ve got in touch with him before okay you give him a call you say hey sound box we love what you’re doing and we want to send you beautiful sleep discomfort sound box and we just go up [Music] Bryce just got in from LA and you brought all the stuff that we’re gonna be giving Anders that’s not out because I’ve only seen photos all this stuff was made over the weekend by our team back in LA and this should be [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] christmas came early Trotters he lines so perfectly with the message and i can’t wait to build a family of the most inspiring people to represent this message seek discomfort the thing that will change him the most and that’ll help him achieve this is going to be the community we’re giving this guy just like an avalanche [Music] [Music] thank you for this meeting this losses yes okay hello right now [Music] [Music]

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yeah literally on a whim we called you in London when we had that layover you showed us that your rank discomfort yeah and you mentioned alone that you’ve gotten yeah it’s like the dedication just move us away that was not really the plan from the beginning at all I didn’t think it was going to be so difficult to get sponsorships and I thought sometimes you need to show so the dedication invested in yourself for people to believe in do yeah exactly and then you know people told me that I was crazy do you know right now you get a negative return in the band’s decision come in there but I just wanted to show that how much I actually believe that I you know I can make this happen yeah so I did that we also believe that you can make this happen I really man we came with a gift and a request yeah it would be an honor for us for you to be the first ever seek discomfort sponsored human and we hit up the team in LA I don’t know him get this it’s actually for real it was oh my god and this is the first ever see this comfort necklace made to say I’m just so grateful that just so happens to meet you guys I mean I’ve been following you so one or two your videos in a not just you know a [ __ ] was pretty much everything you didn’t go to school athlete you might an athlete in the past no and you’re taking on probably the hardest endurance race in the world yeah on a level that is beyond what anybody else has ever done yeah it’s insane yeah and that’s why we want to like bring you and people like you along yeah and have this all these people are gonna be in your mind yeah there any doubt in you know there’s no doubt because there’s no reason to doubt myself a lot of the time we trained for auricular I mean it’s raining when the conditions are right mm-hmm we’re here I’m training no matter what the conditions are no myself worst condition that I can get from the day and you’ve been doing it full-time for how long I had my own startup still still do and a year ago I realized just how much anybody would take to make this happen because there’s so much more than just the physical challenge right so you quit the startup and everything yeah I put it on hold I felt this was you know what’s coming what was what was calling because it was so much more than the challenge it was also representing all these dreams that we have that if we don’t pursue and that I didn’t pursue and I was you know it’s you know when I was a teenager I wanted to become a professional soccer player right mmm didn’t pursue that dream because of the perceived limits that I had on myself but everybody else had as well then when I got this idea after completing the first Ironman in Antarctica it was the same people telling me that it was impossible right that you couldn’t swim this far and I swore that you couldn’t bike in a night to get that I’ve never been there before and


and as you said I’m not a professional athlete at all right I just completed one Ironman but I was an amateur right and that was really where I realized you know the people telling is you know they hadn’t been ice swimming as well or they hadn’t completed an Ironman just a regular I mean not even a triathlon right so how would they be able to tell me whether this was possible on that and that was when I realized that so often people that don’t have the foundation of actually knowing but that’s possible still have that sort of perception what’s reality and then they put that on you and I feel like that was what happened when I was a teenager there are so many young kids out there who just by themselves and other people tell them what they can or cannot do without actually knowing what what you know what the potential are these young people so wanted to give just an example to show that you’re able to do something is strong there even though your honor you know we’re all ordinary and I’m just a regular guy with a crazy idea right the only difference that I was crazy enough to try to actually pursued the car was getting response the whole time yes as you spoke I’m going to call you anytime you only know something exciting your brother just became the first-ever person to be sponsored by see this comfort tonight I’m only at the end before we leave back to LA I want to know what it’s like to be Iceman yeah you want to know what how your day starts how it ends so nuts and I would love to join your training or you know we were running tonight them hmm tomorrow tomorrow [Applause] [Music] [Music] we are currently on our way to see Anders again he’s invited us to a cooling container he trains in that container to simulate the climate and then he trains on the beach to simulate the actual conditions of the of the snow that he’s gonna be running and biking on we’re gonna at least get a taste of what his everyday life is like here that’s not a happy man uh here he is boys hey this is brutal man yes oh let’s go for a run in the back session and I thought one of you could do it together with me what oh oh this is the coldest place in Denmark Wow [Music] [Applause] onder’s has decided to take us into his heist bath that he’s done for himself and for a ton of his other friends on ders his record is 30 minutes in this ice bath Amara’s trying to beat that record I was born from the desert I’m never supposed to be in this weather but it’s all the perception of my mind then and this 30 minutes is gonna be for that because you have this huge goal it’s gonna be so difficult when you’re dumped in first because it’s gonna be so Evelyn it’s gonna be so long until it’s so just really keeping calm I think the way I’m gonna do it as 30 minutes as 10 three-minute intervals yeah I’m just gonna take it three minutes by through it this is [Music] the time starts with you I can’t relax try to find the most comfortable position keep your hands in your body even having my finger in this right now hurts [Music] 10 second video 3 the Egyptian Iceman ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna push you a little bit higher ha ha ha I did it for him limitations I percent you said the bar at least for me very high and I’m impressed that you dared to take on that challenge yeah I’m inspired by you Wow – liar the weather I just women’s and little more keep that record an ordinary man doing extraordinary thing [Music] yeah [Music]

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so there’s one thing that blows my mind about all this is the fact onder’s does all this in a day without a coach it’s on another level and he also has absolutely no idea that later tonight we are giving him a check for $15,000 we cannot freakin wait to help fund this dream just seeing his dedication to this makes us so fricking stoked to be a part of it to help make it happen you can just see how meaningful it is to him and how it’s not about him who he wants to do it for other people to prove that he’s just an ordinary dude we’re all Dan ordinary and we can all just be doing extraordinary things so very inspired very inspired wow this guy trains a lot this is the exciting part [Music] [Music] as you guys know and there’s has no idea that he’s getting a check for $50,000 when in ten years we’re gonna look back yeah and see a brand that is fully grown to inspire millions and millions of people and to just look at this one when we sign this check the stationery room of sound box last night we met this guy that you’re about to to meet and after 30 minutes of talking to him every single person in the room was silent and had chills of their spine like I never seen somebody so committed to a dream and it brought me back to when I was completing an Ironman which has actually not become a drove because I talk about it so much at the end of the race when I actually could accomplish the goal when these guys were waiting for me at the finish line it made me realize how important this is community and that’s what we want to provide for every single person here but that’s also what we want to provide for this community that we’re creating the seek discomfort so if we want to introduce you to the first sponsored seek discomfort human thank you guys it’s has been two crazy days that’s for sure and I’m just so honored to be able to direct these guys and what they represent with with sickness comfort two years ago exactly I got this crazy idea this dream of completing the first Ironman distance traveling in Antarctica project Iceman for me the Iceman is service obviously extreme and crazy but the Iseman a service not what’s an important what’s important is really what it represents one thing that thing is seeking discomfort another thing is daring to chase our dreams that no one else believe that we can do I believe we all have our individual eyes man that dream or idea that we’ve always been afraid to pursue and I hope that this project can help inspire you to take action on that to daring to listen to yourself daring believe in yourself and then follow that crazy whatever for us the seek discomfort sponsorship is a lot more than just getting a bunch of clothes and being called the secrets Comfort sponsored human whether it’s athlete entrepreneur musician artist if you’re going after something that means something to you then we are behind it through your endeavor side you can’t stand here Staley’s that way because of you guys for every single person that ends up supporting yes theory through buying seat discomfort you would like to offer and there’s hajiman a check for a hundred thousand – girl [Applause] [Music] this is what you’re contributing to this is what we want the Brent to continue doing just supporting dreams supporting dreamers and anyone out there that wants to do something that matters something that actually inspires more people to follow their passions so it’s our absolute honor for this money to be going to you

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and we just we can’t wait to be cheering for you over the next few months and potentially who knows joining you or just doing whatever if you made it this far in the video thank you so much for watching this very special episode we are so grateful to be sharing such a monumental step for seek discomfort with everyone this is just the beginning and we hope you tag along for the journey just one last reminder our biggest drop ever let’s sleep discomfort calm is out right now and as I mentioned under my parachute every order that it’s over $35 will get the lightning bolt necklace for free this is our early Black Friday Cyber Monday deals so go to see discomfort calm and get yours right now plus if you or anyone you know has a big dream or goal that they’re currently actively pursuing then you’ll find a tab on si discomfort com2 fill out the application form for our 20/20 sponsored seekers I hope that if this episode leaves you with anything it’s that your limitations are just perceptions and that discomfort will always be your compass towards growth see you next week [Music]

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