Exploring Dubai

all right we’re taking off

you are currently looking at a

collection of completely

man-made islands that about 15 years ago

didn’t even exist

and i am both so incredibly confused and

intrigued to understand

why they’ve mostly been standing there

empty and forgotten for the past 10


and what their future currently holds

i’d like to welcome you to the world


introducing the world a place

beyond imagination and an epic


this multi-billion dollar experiment

built off the coast of dubai as an

attempt to resemble an outline of the

earth from the sky

has been puzzling me for months now so

as a first stop on my trip leaving


i decided to go to dubai and see if i

could get to it up close

and to my complete surprise after lots

of emails back and forth

i ended up in the same room as the

creator of these islands and somehow

found myself as the first official guest

to stay overnight


the three month longest trip ever away

from la since we moved here

i moved here

peace dude see you later all right

love you dude peace guys bye

take care of yourself see you on the

other side

first international trip in a long time

here we go


yeah i just saw your video talking about

how you’re leaving

welcome to dubai airport it’s 1am

finally arriving hi there today is

actually a very special day and i forgot

to tell you about it earlier uh because

um well because i was distracted today

is actually the first day that seek

discomfort will be taking a step

towards becoming a more environmentally

conscious and friendly brand

it is also the day that we are launching

our seat connection drop

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video as a gift from us for the holidays

any purchases you make for the next

seven days

you’ll get a free seat discomfort

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the ultimate way to grow

and connect with those around you as i

mentioned earlier being mindful of our

environmental impact is

a huge priority for us with discomfort

and for that our first

two steps in improving in that area is

switching to 100 organic cotton which

means less water less energy

less harmful chemicals in the production

of the clothes and then the second thing

that we’re doing is switching to

plant-based recycled and biodegradable

packaging the c-connection drop is

available for the next seven days and

our essentials are now gonna stay

on the website i think it’s now time for

me to tell you why these islands have


basically empty for the past 10 years

the goal for the world islands was to

expand dubai’s limited waterfront and

create an island environment

just outside of the bustling city the


of the 300 man-made islands began in


and was officially finished five years

later in 2008

not the best timing for a massive real

estate project

because even though about 60 percent of

the islands were sold to private

contractors with a global financial


most private owners decided to

completely halt their construction

for the time being on top of that

solving the logistical challenge of how

to bring materials out to build on the


and then eventually finding sources of

water and power to live on the islands

also delayed some developers now getting


to go out to the islands is a little bit

hard to get so while i was waiting for


i decided to start with a bird’s eye

view from above we’ve arrived at the


skydive dubai drop zone but we’re not

going skydiving we’re gonna do something

a little bit different let’s go check it


what is this number flying

no way okay well

to start the day we were about to take

off in this little

all right we’re gyrocopter off


that was freaking awesome makes me even

more excited to go out there today

after doing some digging i found that

there is only one island currently open

to the public lebanon island opened

about eight years ago as a day party


it seemed like my best option for now to

actually get onto

the islands this is about to be really




so we’ve just docked that one of the

very few islands that’s actually

built out it’s called the island behind

us the heart of europe was supposed to

be finished this year but i’m guessing

because of cove it has been pushed back

quite a lot do you hear it you so much


not many people here it looks like there

used to be a lot of people here and i

don’t know if it’s because of covid or

what but

you can just still tell that it’s been a

little bit of time since it’s been built

and it’s probably hard to maintain

oh wow there’s a pool nice it’s both

like a mix between like this dreamy

paradise place and it’s like an element

of eeriness of just seeing the

construction happening in the background

that is leaving you kind of so curious

about what the future holds for this


one of the girls on the boat with us was

saying that she comes out here almost

every weekend to just relax

she’s been living in dubai for a while

and lebanon island the one that we’re on

right now used to be much more

kind of like a party island where people

would come out on the weekends and just

turn up and now it’s kind of more used

as like a place to come and relax and

isolate yourself away from

noise of the city after spending some

time discovering the island

i felt like i had arrived at one of the

strangest but also most unique


i’d ever witnessed



our trip to lebanon island was an

interesting first glimpse

but didn’t give me a whole lot of

answers when it came to the future

of the world islands as a whole after

extensively brainstorming with our

friends from visit dubai to get some


i was eventually invited to one of the

restricted private islands currently

under construction

coronation island part of south america

i was told i would not only be able to

meet with the creator of the world

islands but they also told me that

they’d be interested in letting me be

the very first guest

to actually stay overnight on this brand

new island so i don’t think anyone’s

like really gotten

access to this island yet so you guys

are probably gonna be one of the first

people to come here

dude that’s amazing yeah that’s awesome

i’m grateful we got to make this work




well looks like we’ve arrived i had no

idea that there were islands that were

actually built out here

but uh looks like there are some villas

okay let’s go explore

this is insane what muhammad this is way

more built out

than even lebanon island i think they’re

waiting for it to get to a point where


actually very much livable right before

they get people to

to actually come and live here it looks

pretty livable to me there’s a pool

i thought coming out here would help me

  Travel In Chernobyl for a week

clarify things but i’m just more

confused now

what this is like brand new this room is


if this is what the rest of the island

is i’m very happy to stay here tonight


okay well we have a tour from somebody

who works on the properties here and

we’re gonna go explore

i think three of the villas that are

built out


you can literally smell the brand new


all of these different villas are gonna

be rentable basically like a hotel in

the future i totally thought that it was

like privately owned villas but i guess


just up for rent onto villa number two


bamboo villa see the

oh wow

is it going to be anyone else here at

night or is it just me

well this is probably the nicest one

we’ve seen so far at least from the


it’s funny you can still see there’s

like some construction material just on

the floor

and then you turn around and it’s just

like a absolutely

luxurious villa right here with its own

pool uh when i

came out to dubai to try to make a video

about the world islands i was not

expecting to arrive at something that’s

this built out

i mean look at this place i was totally

expecting to make a video about

empty islands on off the coast of dubai

but looks like it’s turning out to be a

very different story this is why i love

traveling this is why i love telling

stories about unusual places because

it’s it’s never what you expect it to be

this is your favorite we have here four

people four bedrooms we can go you keep

saying each one

yeah this is his favorite one until we

get there yeah exactly every new one

you’re like this is your face let’s go

let’s go

let’s go


yeah that one yeah that’s the chairman’s


okay yeah biggest one how do they even


all of the materials out here like do

you have to ship it by boat

every day like a weekly

weekly it must be so difficult to build

here imagine you just

bring a whole boat of things and then

you realize you forgot the screwdriver

send the boat back we gotta go pick up

the screwdriver 630 villas

are going to be built on just this

specific island what is this one

only this one and then they have 10

other islands that are right now

literally just

lots of sand that they’re going to build

out to look like this

well uh another plot twist in the story

we’re gonna interview the chairman right

now uh who built out this whole place or

who’s in charge of it

this is so funny we’re waiting in his



it’s a really nice house we got to meet

you mr chairman thank you nice to meet

you this is a beautiful property

yes we’re the first people to build a

proper hotel

yeah so hopefully in december we’ll open

we will try to do something organic so

we are an island

you want to feel that canal you want to

sit inside and feel the bamboo the feel

you don’t want to feel

as if you are in the city so were you a

part of also building the actual

islands yes yes i developed all the


i developed in the pan palmyra then we

developed this one

and then we developed there so from 60

kilometers of beach

in dubai we end up with 850 kilometers

nobody ever built

or reclaimed ireland the way we did but


even tried how do you protect the sand


from going

and how do you keep the water clear and

circulating so we started with seven

continents and then we found that these

containers are too big

maybe make them small so we made the

violets uh break water

yeah that’s the rocks that are

protecting this area so no matter how

bad the sea it doesn’t affect us as much

you get water out

shipped or do you recycle it no we

design it

okay so we designate water that’s

amazing so you don’t have to ship that

much water there nothing nothing tell

you even the

the garbage we converted to gas

all the organic material we

don’t chip it out so the only thing we

ship out is plastic

glass until everything else

here so if it is cartons or paper it can

become a composite for the

agriculture and then all the food left

over goes into the uh

system what comes out of the methane gas

so the methane gas

it goes to the special oven and they

cook with it wow

so it reduced how much garbage i sent

out and this have been done a year ago

so you’re solving all the problems

of like what it’s like you know you have

to find ways

that are more conceptual yeah creative

problem solving

well that was really cool learned a lot

from uh

people developing this island and we

finished right on time

for sunset you’re riding

yeah yeah


well i guess i have this private island

for myself now there’s apparently a chef


that’s gonna make me dinner other than

the chairman and his

friends and family there’s nobody else

that stayed here so

uh i guess i’m the inaugural guest of

the world islands

i just have this villa for myself with

no supervision

dubai is known for luxury and uh

they’ve outdone themselves this is uh

the bougiest thing that i’ve ever done

in my life and i also

have my personal pool wow

this is so extra but i’m here for the


and uh gonna enjoy this place while i

have it

you know when you’re a kid and you

fantasize about being on your own

private island

i wasn’t really actually expecting uh

that it would happen one day


wow look at this thank you so much the

chef on the island just brought me food

whoa this is two hamburgers

a pizza two hamburgers

a salad and a pizza very happy




thank you so much for watching that

wraps up my stay here in this beautiful

villa in the world islands

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our goal is to continue making seek

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i hope that you’re doing well that

you’re staying safe and i’ll see you

very soon



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