[Music] [Music] buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world with over half a billion followers growing up in the west none of us knew much about it so when we arrived in thailand a few months ago we wanted to gather a deeper understanding of the culture and new country we were about to explore which is why the first conversation out of the plane was this we’ve been in thailand for about two hours i mentioned how we wanna try and like interact with monks or do something with monkeys like oh you want to be a monk it’s like okay what does that imply you shave everything including your eyebrows i’m not going to do that i already did japan you look amazing it’s a tradition here in thailand where teenage boys they will become a monk basically because it’s a way to respect their parents and how they raise them for the past 18 19 years for you looking at your hair this is removing it and your eyes how


fast that’s my biggest question absolutely i have no idea okay that’s kevin during our stay in thailand he helped us plan our party for 24 hours took us to the best places in bangkok and helped us organize a surprise honeymoon retreat for a couple kevin’s the man with the connections and two weeks after this conversation we were in chiang mai in the north of thailand when out of the blue he called us kevin [Music] what’s up man how’s it going do you remember when you asked me about experiencing how it’s like to become a buddhist monk yeah well you were able to connect with this monk which is famous in thailand the monk he’s talking about is one of the most respected and well-known monks in all of thailand he’s a lecturer who’s written dozens of bestseller books about life and buddhism helped refugees all over the world successfully spread his message of love to millions of people online and closely works with the pope and the dalai lama so when we woke up we truly had absolutely no clue what we’re about to experience [Music] [Applause]

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it is currently 6 30 in the morning we are an hour into our ride we have no idea what’s happening once we get there we don’t know where we’re sleeping tonight we don’t know what we’re doing once we get there i realized i forgot my phone so i don’t even have a guy hopefully thomas has his battery so here’s all we know that there’s some kind of festival or celebration going on unfortunately we haven’t been told what it is we’re going i’m so confused right now i’m exhausted nobody understands us or what we’re trying to do there’s such a fine line between insulting being like self-aware like you don’t want to ask a monk to like sleep in their monastery that’s what we’re trying to do you know like we want to experience what they experience it’s very hard to pitch that without being like a ignorant that’s the dilemma right now how do we do this how are you follow me and hello you are the youtuber yes my name is master secretary i heard about someone will become a monster yeah it’s possible is [Music] [Applause] yeah what well i grew up never really knowing what being a mug entailed and i grew up not having the religion be a big part of my life so it’s mainly out of curiosity and out of education and to eliminate any stereotypes or any misconceptions or what it’s like one day one night one day one night you are the first young nobody in the world is going to be the first person to ever be a monk a novice monk for just one day [Music] english all right tonight i’m gonna have myself so don’t stop me cause i’m having a good time well everything just turned around in the past like 15 minutes clearly so far been like the ultimate level of discomfort we want to do this thing that takes a lifetime to accomplish like becoming a monk in like a day yeah you use this word you’re not the one shaving your head and eyebrows

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buddy this one from my bending [Music] m [Music] love is borderless you know love is borderless he’s treating us there’s so much food ice cream and banana bread banana try i gotta try this okay it’s delicious it’s incredible so amazing to see you here that’s why i ask how do you come here who brings you here because this program we are not inviting so many people just only the the local people which is why it’s crazy we just expect it to be in the background but that he keeps saying like come come and like puts us in front for us is very uncomfortable but it’s amazing it’s just so new so he he’s been so nice about like making us feel so welcome same with you tonight will be a special program for your brother you shave his head first and then put the robe on yes okay so why we have to shave our hair because the buddha would like to learn about letting go of our attachment so we don’t want to design our hair every morning let things go it’s really cool yeah i like that it’s a long one one week one day one day i wish in order to be auspicious for you he is going to be the first person to cut your hair [Music] please [Music] i was expecting us to show up and then just leave like an hour later you know five different people are cutting my hair

[Music] may you get enlightenment tonight may your mind be awake in mind may you understand the law of the nature that is the real teaching of the buddha everything is impermanent if you accept this rule your life will be i got a lot of work to do i’ve been growing this for months i use so much hair when you wash the baby your parents will do this for you that’s why when we become a novice we will think about the parents and we wish them to be happy on this ordination all right here comes the shave wow everything is just coming up very cold on my right side here it’s all coming up i feel it you think about your parents yeah i wonder my parents are not buddhists it will take them some time for them to understand yeah yeah yeah yeah hopefully what do you think of this this is amazing for me this is the first visiting in thailand and you think about to be a novice that’s awesome that’s amazing i think if you’re gonna learn about buddhism there’s no better way some may call it the craziest way because nobody would do this he’s doing it take some cojones to fully shave your head and like try out an entire religion in a day now we should when you shove your hand you look more handsome okay i don’t want to look in the mirror because i don’t know what it was like you take this oh my god man eyebrows are really important all right we didn’t want to be disrespectful laughing it was just such a shock seeing my little brother look like it’s so different but yeah no way do you want to make fun or buddhism or anything so it’s just because of him looking just totally totally different [Music]

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this is the craziest thing i’ve done before it is the good thing in your life man that was great yeah it’s very good thing in your life welcome to new family congratulations i’m a novice you are officially in all this that was intense it was crazy that’s a lot of focus tonight you have to separate your bedroom men and i are going together and then he’s going alone yes you have to go to alone man i’m going to sleep over here and titty is gonna go sleep with the other monks new friends strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet that is huge dude are these dangerous a little bit dangerous a little bit dangerous yes a little bit dangerous [Music] [Music] take a few different relax breathing in breathing out happy in suffering out have a little smile relax come back to stay with our bread relax we just uh walking meditation for about an hour some tai chi relaxation and we’re gonna go eat breakfast since i can’t eat afternoon enjoy your meal today so the novices have to sit and eat outside the monk titty it’s the inside [Music] yeah you go meet the master i just had lunch with the master which was pretty crazy the whole point behind this meal was to try to eat mindfully and to really focus on the food that you’re eating but any thought or like the future of the past get away from your mind and just focus on the food that’s in your mouth something disrupting is about to happen this very very special ceremony keeping the process to industry that means you will become a people you will let the diamond from the master have that dharma every day every time everywhere you can practice mindfulness if you would like to come back here any time any year remember this is your house all right we’re about to head out it’s been a whirlwind of things happening we came here not expecting anything to happen and next thing i know we’re being like welcomed on stage i’m getting my head shaved and then getting sung to by hundreds of students everyone’s just so kind and so joyous that i feel like i learned so much about this sort of culture and how they really appreciate the moment and that’s what it’s all about especially in western culture we tend to you know what’s the next thing next goal to achieve but here it’s all about fully being in the present i don’t even care that i’m gonna have no eyebrows no hair for a month at least because one of those things that you let go and you realize it’s not really part of who you are and forces you to be really happy with yourself and what your personality is so i look forward to being stared at in [Music] europe

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