How to eat Eat the World’s Worst Diet for a Week

how often do we truly pay attention to what we’re eating as we want our food to be faster cheaper and delivered to our doorstep in a matter of minutes what are we sacrificing in return on top of that as society becomes growingly health-conscious food brands have become better at marketing their meals as healthy eating yet studies have shown that 80 of food items in america contain some form of added sugar and it’s estimated that by 2050 one in three americans will have diabetes and so to do a deep dive into understanding what we eat we’re going to push a diet test to an extreme for his whole life amar has eaten some form of processed sugar basically every day

1, What is diet ?

whether it be soda cake or whatever dessert he can get his hands on at one point in his childhood he’d hide little cubes of sugar in the kitchen from his mom to go eat in the middle of the night so yeah he’s had a sugar addiction for a while and in fact studies have shown that your brain lights up with sugar the same way it does with cocaine on the other hand i consider myself a fairly healthy eater one of the reasons is because at 14 i watched a documentary called supersize me which documents morgan spurlock’s journey of exclusively eating mcdonald’s super size menu for 30 days and the consequences were terrifying it then took spurlock 14 months to lose all the weight gained from his experiment and since the moment i watched this documentary i never ate at mcdonald’s ever again until today and that’s because amar alongside professional chefs will try to learn about food and cure it as healthy of a diet as possible for him while i will exclusively eat fast food for breakfast lunch and for dinner for seven days straight our goal is to create the ultimate test and understand how the foods we eat truly affect us this is the start of a journey healthy man unhealthy that’s such a my side of it is way worse he’s going to have a couple days of sugar withdrawals i haven’t had a fast food burger in 12 years i had two burgers yesterday just for the full purge not just two burgers cut to the footage from last night what’s what’s going on right now more just you know loading up you think it’s just this there’s this oh oh man in here there’s white blood cells there’s red blood cells and there’s chocolate milk right now we’re going to go see my friend dr christian gonzalez but call him dr g right this time how you doing i’m very excited that you know we get to have him an ass theory video because i’ve been very inspired by his podcast and just like the content that he puts online how educational it is for for people to actually live a better life in a very accessible way so you would recommend eating hamburgers and pancakes for a week right

2, How to eat them ?

no not at all and i’m actually excited to see how you feel after a week of that energy your mood your sleep might change what is the world’s healthiest diet which is i’m supposedly there at this point in my career i believe it’s a plant-centric diet what we know in studies is that plants have the highest capacity for antioxidants in the body vitamins minerals it’s super super healthy the american food allows a lot more chemicals in our food system than any other country it’s pretty wide i’m just thinking of this graphic that i saw i think it was a box of crackers the same one that they have in america and in europe and the ingredients are so different standard american diet is a very addiction-based diet companies craft or like all these snacks that you see they figured out like the bliss point right of fat and sugar where if you go oh my god my brain is shooting out all these really feel good neurotransmitters and hormones in my body i want more switching to a healthier diet is hard for people because their taste buds have not even acclimated they’re so used to that sugar fat ratio you have to keep doing it for a month month and a half two months so your taste buds to acclimate and you go actually i kind of like the taste of this salad or i like the taste of this juice but i have i have the flip story of like no health background extreme sugar addiction ever since a kid like in high school i i would drink i would go through a two-liter coke bottle every like day and a half to two days wow yeah this will be the first week that you won’t eat processed sugar in your adult life adult in my life your whole life yeah hopefully this week becomes a good point of reference where you can go whoa like i remember when i didn’t have that much sugar in my diet how good that felt yeah all right thank you so much yeah that was great hello week begin where are you going i’m going to mcdonald’s lamar where are you going i am going to learn how to grocery shop from my friend amy very different worlds right now [Music] [Applause] what do you mean hello an apricot amy tell us how do you know so much about food so i think i was just really blessed and lucky from my mom the way that she raised me uh we were raised on just real foods we had real food growing our garden fresh produce that came from the farm come to our house when i moved to london i had a really big culture shock in terms of like food and i was like oh my gosh no one eats the way that i know how to eat and so that was when i wanted to train in holistic nutrition so you help people get in alignment with foods that work for their body in particular so that’s what i studied and that’s why i’m so fascinated by it and i love food and your famous tag line is eat the rainbow that’s right and now amy is going to show me how to shop at a supermarket so that you can just optimize your choices yeah to the supermarket we go let’s do it let’s do food that i would it is always on the outside on the outside is where you’ll find the fresh produce so fruits and vegetables meats dairy towards


3, Chosing ?

the back and then you’ll have the pre-prepared section on the other side breads and stuff like that i personally like to shop locally and seasonally locally also means supporting farmers that are in your area so the best way to shop is usually at the farmers market which is tomorrow this is my favorite sector look how pretty this is look at that what about the the brownie section and does it look like that would grow on a tree at a mar does it look like you could pick that from a church i wish that was a success thank you very much what did we learn what do we like i learned that i should shop outskirts of the grocery store try and buy organic as much as possible if you can’t afford organic all the time check out the website the environmental working group the ewg look for the clean 15 and the dirty dozen and then tomorrow you’re gonna go to the farmer’s market and you’re actually gonna try and buy things that are seasonal and fresh that’s where i’ll be getting my real food tomorrow supporting local can i get a big mac combo thomas what about uh cookie i’ll do a cookie as well i’m gonna feel like history let’s try this food this is like a liter of coke oh dude dude i don’t know if i can do a week of this oh i still have dessert damn that looks good though well that was a meal i already feel not great [Music] just like so tired what about after um only when you’re like moving one of the products down and you haven’t stopped good morning i woke up today with my stomach feeling a lot better than usual because i binge eat at night i usually feel in the morning when i wake up but today i woke up went for a workout felt very light and good i’m gonna go to the farmer’s market right now do my first round of farmers market shopping so i can cook for myself tonight and we’re gonna do a little extreme makeover kitchen edition all right let’s do it [Music] this is reminding me a lot of how we used to shop for food back at home in egypt didn’t really go to a supermarket it’s definitely a very different experience when you get to interact with your food in this way thank you thank you all right farmers market check well um because i’ve been tired all day i thought i would sleep amazing i thought i would pass out and just be exhausted but i was going in and out of dreaming the whole time so for breakfast i’m eating the most sugary thing they had at starbucks this coffee cake i’m eating cake for breakfast i’m a cake boy i did good organize my fridge throughout a lot of things that expired like two years ago look at all these colors [Music] i have a long way to come for cooking and kitchen skills but this is a great start to health wow not because i’m the chef or anything no okay i have just made the unhealthiest grocery store purchase of my life i feel not great my stomach is just constantly kind of aching i’m just having a really hard time digesting i feel like i have this like haze in my brain like i feel like i’m not able to piece together like fully formulated thoughts all right time for breakfast okay my first ever eggo waffle with nutella on top of it yeah baby i feel like i’m actually becoming american what if i do that whoa it’s like marshmallows in your cereal it’s like candy i feel like i’m gonna have sugar withdrawals after this i’m trying so many different kinds of fries you know are you tempted by this right now no actually not at all after like waking up and not even needing to like poop the way i used to it’s pretty good it’s pretty nice i’m getting like a good little good little thing here going hello friends got a pretty colorful meal for lunch today one thing that has helped me a lot make decisions over the past what is it four days now is the concept of count colors not calories which my friend amy who took me grocery shopping always emphasizes on and the more that i’ve stepped away from processed food and processed sugar i have felt clearer and more energetic i want to say overall i obviously get some pretty gnarly depths in energy but i think it’s just because i’m literally getting off of processed sugar for the first time in my whole life i feel happy if you balance and i wake up feeling clear especially as someone who’s challenged by depression most prominently in the morning but evidently i’m realizing that there’s so much more to depression or mental health that isn’t actually about what i’m going through in terms of my internal journey but actually just simply what i’m getting to put in my body and what it’s resulting in terms of clarity


And final

or not i’ve really enjoyed my time in the kitchen i love to play with food it’s a very artistic process it’s a very creative process so i decided to double down and get some solid kitchen skills from my dear friend deepa who’s going to teach me a few things and take me through cooking a recipe tonight in her beautiful kitchen up at her house in mountains all right we are in malibu to meet deepa right now he’s going to teach me all the tricks in the kitchen how are you so this is the magic the whole idea of being less frightened in the kitchen about trying something new and just being excited by it it carries on into your life if you can wing it in the kitchen and produce something really beautiful you don’t become so tied up when you’re trying to wing something in life because really like the only failure is not trying something yeah i mean we’re all here just experiencing life so dropping wisdom through your craft right now through food and love you can have you just take a little lick and you can try it out for a little bit of sweet so we’re gonna pull these peppers out of the oven another pro tip with lemons if you want to get maximum juice if you just put your hand down and massage it fresh lemon juice right on top do a nice little we’re going to just put them right up top bon appetit thank you can’t wait to try it [Music] wow that’s so good i wonder what thomas is eating right now maybe he needs to come and stay at my house for a week after this and get recharged yes sir all right we are back at chick-fil-a tonight fried chicken bacon sandwich i’m gonna have an egg waffle with nutella on it for dessert pretty good pretty good on the five plates we have there is not one green item all right my first ever chicken and waffles bring on the food bring it on guys you know what let’s have some french toast here we go i’m getting like a good little thing here going the chicken straight from tennessee on the farm from the mountains of montana thank you the pancakes clearly from the farms of new york state unlimited coffee let’s have some french toast can you believe it unlimited coffee i feel like i have this like haze bring it on guys [Applause] bam it’s 4pm i feel terrible yeah i feel like a sausage you are what you eat now i’m a cheeseburger i understood theoretically how much our diet has an impact on our well-being but i didn’t realize it was this much [Music] we’re gonna make dinner for day six let’s get started what’s for dinner thomas frozen pizza frozen burrito over there [Music] cheers he doesn’t look excited either you’re ready for some burger king you’re basically the king of fast food but i was like you’re probably not going to like that title i feel like i’m sort of the millennial authority on fast food i learned a lot watching your videos i’m sorry i hear that you’re probably the only one in history who has ordered basically everything from every how many places do you have left we’ve done 30 eat the menus oh my god are you able to operate like a normally after you do that no no i just go home so okay let’s try it cheers cheers yeah i don’t know how you do this so often i try not to shoot more than one a month which is a lot so some of them take five hours to shoot so it’s like it’s like you’re sitting and you’re kind of marathon eating for five hours my worry about eat the menus that i’ve probably done some irreversible damage to my stomach is is tough yeah it’s five hours of eating it’s like a marathon i’m so excited this is my last day and i’m almost honored that i got to eat my last breakfast with you keith yeah i’m glad that uh i got to take you to burger king yeah that was have it your way yeah i feel so nutrition deprived this is a perfect moment for me to invite anyone who’d like to come tonight i’m going to be cooking healthy filling meal share my healthy week experience with you also healthy good clean food very colorful now my strategy with food is eat the rainbow isn’t that the skittles the phrase taste the rainbow yeah oh i’m turning it around eat the rainbow he’s been eating skittles all week all right healthy dinner turn on my place this is day seven the streak continues i woke up feeling clear light i feel like this was a very eye-opening experience there wasn’t as much discomfort



as i thought i’d have which is amazing because it means that my intention going towards this is actually genuine it comes from you know a deep desire for me to actually be healthier the one thing that i’ve discovered about my eating habits is i only eat when i’m hungry i don’t eat out of the intention or this the desire to sustain myself which 9 out of 10 times results in a terrible decision so i want to be eating because i’m nurturing myself because it’s a very conscious intentional decision that i get to make every day i’m really excited about this uh transformed state of mind i’m stoked my final fast food stop of this insane journey is popeyes as recommended by keith do you know what time it is i am making pistachio crusted salmon we’re gonna have some real veggies and a dank salad i might just get some of the regular fried chicken do you have any cookies for dessert or something uh yeah i’ll do an apple pie [Music] put some mint that wasn’t on there but i don’t care [Music] oh i think that’s it let’s see what happens oh [Music] okay now i’m gonna pray on it first [Music] i think i might cry finishing this out of happiness i’m being done who is this man why won’t you like this when i lived with you [Music] [Applause] i’m gonna take one more bite of this thing and then i’m done with this i think that’s the best way to end it that’s it challenge is done [Music] why not now on to the final final meal of a mars challenge and i’ll be watching today the meals are wild salmon with pistachio crust i freestyle this has miso mayo pickled sriracha garlic and then some mint and then this is a dino kale salad with pomegranates and tangerines that concludes my healthy week thank you very much wow actually that was very good like for real [Music] hold me with your healthy strength oh yeah i don’t have any left well i’m proud of you dude this diet experiment exposed a lot of things for us first and foremost what we eat impacts our mental well-being immensely more than we had initially even realized with a food industry that is increasingly misguiding us and making it harder to decipher healthy from unhealthy it is up to us to branch outside of our culinary comfort zone to experiment and try foods that we might not originally be as familiar with try foreign foods taste fruits and vegetables you’ve never tried before go to a farmer’s market near you and connect with where your food is coming from just take whatever small step you can to be more aware of your food and how it impacts you we all want to be happy and we all want to feel energized to go out and live our lives to the fullest to do those things we have to be mindful of what we put in our bodies otherwise we’ll forever be fighting an uphill battle and not have the energy we want heck we might even live shorter lives because of it so now the ball is in your court what food are you going to decide to put in your body next we’ll see you next week [Music] you

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