I Spent 24 Hours in Korea with No Money

you speak English you speak English no you guys speak English oh no oh boy what would you do if you had to spend 24 hours in a city that barely spoke any English without your wallet and only relying on strangers for food and shelter well of the past year each of us has gone through the challenge of trying to survive for 24 hours without money in cities all over the world and even though we’ve been in some difficult places this one might top them all a few weeks ago I accompanied my girlfriend Lexi to walk across the border of North Korea this crossed off the last country she needed to step foot in to officially become the youngest person to have traveled to every country on the planet now if by this point of the story you think I’m gonna do this in North Korea you’ve lost your freaking mind absolutely no chance but while visiting Seoul South Korea with her I realized just how little people spoke English here so after she left I stayed an extra day packed some clothes gear in my phone and hit the streets to see if it’d be possible to survive here without any money for 24 hours 10:00 a.m. on Monday and my abandoned challenge South Korea begins what I realized when I arrived at sight order food at a restaurant is that the menus were not an English waiter did not speak English and most people on the street including cab drivers don’t speak English so hard enough to explain somebody that I’d want them to pay for my food and let me sleep at their house to explain that to somebody that doesn’t speak your language that makes it harder yeah I don’t know why I’ve struggled

I’ve just been like walking walking walking and just like every person I talked myself out of I mean look like how do I ask I just have to like four Smith’s office to start otherwise I’m never gonna get anywhere do you speak English a little bit you guys speak English Vinglish no saint do you speak English little okay never mind just gotta meet a friendly Korean speaks English do you speak English a little okay I’m spending 24 hours in Korea me with no money and I have to meet people to help me is there any way you could buy me a piece of bread just one yeah is it really for real yeah amazing cool I’m so hungry I’ve been spending all day alone I can choose I’ll take the blueberry bread sounds perfect you’re saving me Thank you very look at this huge loaf of bread all this warm to hold lead all right wow this is a huge loaf of bread blueberry bread I’m so freakin happy right now I almost didn’t ask that guy you really never know who’s gonna turn out to be the kind giver look at their stuff took about three and a half hours to get a first win and we’re finally off to a good start it’s crazy how it’s Smallville when it takes the whole thing to get turned around psychologically ready to take on Korea let’s go can you speak English speak English mansions yes I’m on a challenge right now and I’m spending 24 hours in Seoul without any money I’m trying to rely on the kindness of strangers kind of food and a place to crash tonight I’m wondering if you guys could give me anything from here whatever the cheapest thing is a dumpling or whatever it is okay I’m gonna challenge right now yeah I’m trying to spend 24 hours in Seoul without any money of relying on the kindness of strangers to find food and housing and I’ve been lost with a freaking out multiple hours yeah and I’m wondering if there’s any way you guys can just get me some dumplings yeah possible is that boss thank you sir are you from I’m from Canada Oh from Canada awesome I went to McGill cool reach out what do you want like there was me amazing yeah okay Natasha Joey you’re beautiful thank you brother yeah bye oh my god oh my god I’ve been waiting in front of that street food stand for the past hour not knowing how to ask not knowing who to ask but better boom Canadians pulling through I’ll have what I’m having I’ll have currently 340 not a time to find a home oh boy the NATO a little yeah okay

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Tom spending 24 hours with no money I’m wondering if you have any space for me to crash crash to like sleep yeah sorry that’s all good thank you bro thank you sir please okay you know what I think it is time for a neighborhood switch and the first use of my bus pass is gonna go down to more of like a residential area let’s take the bus thank you [Music] I’m doing a challenge where I’m spending 24 hours in Seoul without any money I’m gonna find a couch to sleep on I’m wondering if you have space but you can’t speak really slowly oh I’m trying to find a couch this that’s a counter mostly yeah tonight yeah for me that’s one bit oh I see appreciate a minute yeah

Cheers have it going 24 hours in Seoul yeah without any money yeah I’ll get that money yeah I’m trying to find a couch to sleep on all right oh and I’m wondering who would have space to me to crash on I don’t understand if it’s a no but yeah I’m just wondering if I’m from France but I live in the u.s. oh where are you from me yeah from Seoul yeah okay what are you doing Korea okay Oh amazing haha so do you need the silly place right yeah yeah I know it’s a crazy request but I think I can act you do you think so yeah because I’m leaving near here okay if you want I can help you I would love that that would be amazing yeah but I have a world know so I can be you later at night okay okay yeah absolutely Can I grab your first poisonous have you seen me at the show no way wow that’s so good I’ll send you a message okay amazing I don’t know why but yeah I just want to help you thank you I might I might I might have a place to sleep tonight I have to wait for a very long time but beggars can’t be choosers right it is currently 4:30 which means I have to wait until midnight to meet up with this guy again so I think I’m gonna have to continue asking to have a back-up plan because if by midnight he’s like not gonna work out then I’m kind of so got to make sure I have a back-up plan for now look at this [Music] every time you just kind of like her in a corner there’s something else really cool to see in this city okay I’m gonna take a break on food for now maybe have to rely my snacks that I saved I’m gonna try and catch a bit of this sunset just got massively denied from somebody that she didn’t want to be filmed and then she told me she takes political offense with me asking her for help I just hope that hojoon is not gonna flake on me last second I don’t have a place to sleep that’s gonna suck and I don’t think I have the energy right now to go ask more people [Music] you know there’s a lot of different ways this day could have gone having a couple of leftover snacks not that bad for now check this out thank you for this Joey [Music] no what I have decided that hojoon is my last hope not gonna ask anybody more enough that’s a stupid decision to make but I think I’m either gonna go with this or I’m just gonna go with staying up all night / sleeping outside it’s currently 11:40 I’m almost 14 hours into my challenge and I’m sitting at a bus stop waiting for a dude that I met for three minutes earlier today so hopefully come pick me up and host me at his house tonight oh my god thank you so much I think you are lucky right now I’m a little hungry yeah oh my god he showed up I’m glad he didn’t bail on me crazy it was crazy oh my god Wow what is this fried chicken okay chicken bean sauce you have to try well

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I will try it your share thank you so much my friend everything into life is good life is good are they yeah that was some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life thank you my vibrator where are we going to now do dance what’s that dance dance yeah yeah [Music] [Music] thank you yeah me too thank you nothing come on awesome it’s nice I can’t I can’t thank you enough yeah seriously these are your yoga mats yeah namaste namaste I will take it tonight good night yeah good night sweet man we did it every day he did it yeah thank you so much had a roof good friend food drinks dance okay perfect yeah I’m literally gonna ask for a better person to meet on the street that’s my bad thank you so much and there was I ended the day feeling more grateful than I ever had felt in my entire life that I got to come back to food and shelter even though I was in one of the most foreign non-english speaking countries that at least I visited so far most people I spoke to were kind and some even so generous as to feed me show me around and give me a place to sleep it was definitely the toughest city I’ve ever done this challenge in but it gave me insight into just how hospitable every culture truly is no matter at the language barrier hey guys thank you so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed watching me suffer and soul mat and I sitting back there are currently filming a totally different episode which is gonna be a really interesting experience but before we move on I just want to take a second to thank our sponsor Skillshare for helping us make this video happen Skillshare is a website where you can learn new skills instantly like animation marketing and creative writing we have recently been using Skillshare to learn adobe illustrator and graphic design to come up with a new design ideas or seek discomfort and just continue to grow creatively plus if you use the link in the description you’ll get the first two months of Skillshare for free there’s over 29,000 classes from experts from around the world and each class is about one to two hours long so there’s plenty of new skills for you to learn or current ones to improve we’ve already gone through a dozen of great design videos in the past couple of weeks and have learned a ton so if you want to join just click the link at the description to get two months of skill shared for free and I’ll see you next week [Music]

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